XinFin Network, a independent hybrid blockchain, the most efficient platform for the token economy


  • Chain id: 51
  • RPC endpoint: http://rpc.apothem.network
  • Websocket endpoint: wss://wstestnet.xinfin.org
  • Consensus: XDPoS
  • Block finality: >75%
  • Consensus nodes: up to 18 (masternodes)
  • Genesis block date: TBA
  • Transaction fee: gas price 0.25 Gwei
  • Smart contract creation fee: gas price 10000 Gwei, gas limit >= 1000000



Stats websocket secret


For developers

Testnet is the best way to test your smart contracts. Configure your deployment tool to connect to the testnet and deploy your new code without having to worry about fees.

For investors and enthusiasts

You will find on the Testnet the exact same ecosystem as on the actual Mainnet. You can try all the features we propose like voting, running a masternode, discovering our dApps, etc.