XinFin Original Wallet

XinFin Original Wallet is the official decentralized wallet for XDC and XDCE.

Create new wallet

You can create a new wallet, if you click on "CREATE NEW WALLET" after launching the web wallet. You will receive a recovery passphrase consisting of 12 words to restore your wallet in case you lose your password.

Xinfin Explorer homepage

Access wallet

By clicking on "ACCESS YOUR WALLET" after launching the webapp, you can choose to import your wallet either with your MEWConnect, Hardware, MetaMask or private key.

Xinfin Original Wallet

Select your wallet/private key to access your wallet.

Xinfin Original Wallet

Enter your wallet password.

Xinfin Original Wallet

Connect to the XinFin Network

By selecting a XinFin Network you will able to send and receive XDC tokens.

Xinfin Original Wallet

Receive XDC

By clicking on "Adress" you can either receive XDC by sharing your adress or your QR-code. It's also possible to create a QR-code that requests a certain amount.

Xinfin Original Wallet

Send XDC

By clicking on "Send" you can either send XDC by scanning a QR-code or entering a recipient adress manually.

Xinfin Original Wallet