Xinfin Explorer

Xinfin Explorer provides a block explorer to the XinFin Network ecosystem with user friendly, detailed and professional user interface. Xinfin Explorer brings XDCChain’s transparency to users. All blocks, transactions, smart contracts, tokens and basically everything happening on the chain are shown to the users. Furthermore, Xinfin Explorer also offers technical overview and expose useful metrics about the XinFin Network.


Xinfin Explorer homepage

This is the home page of Xinfin Explorer. In the right corner of the page you can find a search field that let you find anything by its address or tx hash. Under it, some general stats gives you the total amount of accounts, tokens, timestamps, tx hash and blocks.


Xinfin Explorer transactions

All the transactions pages list the following informations:

  • The transaction's ID (Transaction Hash).

  • The block containing this transaction.

  • The transaction's age.

  • The sender's address.

  • The recipient's address.

  • The transaction's ammount in XDC.

  • The gas used.

  • The gas limit

  • The gas fees.

  • The fee.

  • The data.

All transactions

All the transactions that happened on the chain.

Sign transactions

Sign transactions emited by the masternodes.


When consulting a blocks, the page list the following informations:

  • The transaction's ID (Transaction Hash).

  • The transaction parent hash.

  • The transaction gas used.

  • The transaction gas price.

  • The transaction total gas cost.

  • The transaction timestamps.

  • The transaction size.

Xinfin Explorer Blocks

Please keep in mind that Xinfin Explorer is subject to go through some changes.

This is why your feedback is so much appreciated!