Setup a Masternode with XinFin MainNet in 8 Simple Steps

Step 1: Host the Masternode either by downloading the One-Click Installer (recommended) or by using a Docker Compose file.

Download the One-Click Installer (Recommended), Or Setup Masternode using Docker Compose.

Step 2: Once downloaded, run the One-Click Installer on the server.

On successful installation, you will get the Coinbase address as shown below.

Step 3: View the active node at by clicking here.

Step 4: Create a new account address from the XinFin wallet. An exclusive address will be generated. The new address generated would contain the balance required to propose the Masternode.

Step 5: Log in to the Masternode app using the private key.

Step 6: Become a candidate and upload the Know Your Community (KYC) certificate in PDF format. This KYC certificate needs to be signed by one of the following personnel: Company Secretary, A Notary Public, Chartered Secretary, Consulate, or A lawyer with Seal.

For INDIVIDUAL format, click here. For ORGANIZATION format, [click here] (

Note: It’s mandatory to upload the certificate in a PDF format.

Step 7: Once the KYC is uploaded, enter the Coinbase address and lock 10 million XDC tokens before running the Masternode.

Step 8: The proposed node will be added to the Masternode randomly through the Round-Robin method. On successful addition to the Masternode, the reward will be sent to the assigned XinFin Wallet.

Masternode Tools and Public Community Channel

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